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Shenzhen Security Industry Standards Alliance: Raising the T
  An industry standards alliance was established only three years ago, but it has organized or participated in the preparation of 52 standards, including 10 national standards, 15 industry standards, 19 local standards, and 8 alliance standards. It can be called China's security industry. The "king of standards", It is the Shenzhen Security Industry Standards Alliance. A few days ago, the reporter visited the alliance, what he saw was exciting.
Shenzhen is the birthplace of China's security industry. At the end of the last century and the beginning of this century, it was the "golden period" for the development of the security industry in Shenzhen. The threshold was low, profits were high, competition was low, and large and small security companies were everywhere. "The past was 'many and small, many and full'. "Zhang Yi, Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Security Industry Standards Alliance, used these six words to summarize the characteristics of Shenzhen security industry. He further explained that "many but small" means that Shenzhen has a large number of security companies and is the largest in the country. However, there are few security giants such as Huawei, ZTE, and CSST. It is generally small companies with only a few dozen workers.; "Many and full" means that Shenzhen's security products involve many categories and complete industrial chains, which constitute the distribution center and production and manufacturing base of national security products.
The extensive development made Shenzhen security companies once "crazy" and the number exceeded 4,300. Due to the lack of innate standards in the security industry, companies are reluctant to invest in product research and development, resulting in uneven product quality and complaints. In order to change this passive situation, in November 2011, the first industry internal force dedicated to the research, formulation, application and service of safety and security industry standards, the Shenzhen Safety and Security Industry Standards Alliance, came into being.
Immediately after the establishment of the Standards Alliance, experts, scholars and technical personnel of enterprises were organized to hold targeted seminars in accordance with "priorities". The names, scope of application, overall structure and main technologies of domestic and foreign relevant standards such as alarm devices for financial, water supply and power supply systems and construction of parking lot facilities are discussed in depth, so as to prepare for the pre-bid. At the same time, they go deep into the vast number of enterprises to conduct research, find out the crux of the problem, and carry out special training on the "basic concept and operating process of good enterprises" to comprehensively improve the level of enterprise management; Sign cooperation agreement with Shenzhen automatic chemistry association and Shenzhen high training center to promote the construction of high-quality personnel in security industry. In order to better serve the company, in December 2012, with the promotion of the Standards Alliance, the Shenzhen Smart Security Industry Association with more than 1,000 members was announced. It provides a series of specialized and comprehensive supporting services for enterprises in product testing, talent docking services, financial services, market development, enterprise training, and management improvement. Under the coordination of the Standards Alliance, the National Safety and Alarm System Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center(Beijing) Shenzhen workstation, product testing laboratory and security public service platform website have been established. A large number of security enterprises, under the guidance of the staff of the association and the alliance, have "upgraded" the production process and other software and hardware against the standards, and use the market as a lever to force enterprises to adopt advanced standards.
The Shenzhen Safety and Security Industry Standards Alliance attaches great importance to organizing enterprises to lead and participate in the formulation of standards. In the past, the domestic standards for audio and video standards have always been the standards of the Ministry of Radio and Television and the Ministry of Public Security. However, due to the long time it has been formulated, these two standards can not meet the current production needs. To this end, according to the actual situation in Shenzhen, they organized Huawei company to take the lead in formulating new audio and video standards. Although the new standard is a landmark, it is stricter than the national standard and has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers. After being adopted by the majority of security companies, the market share has increased significantly.
In the field of high and new technology, whoever sets standards has the right to speak. Adhering to the purpose of "winning by quality", where there is a standard gap, where is the main direction of the Shenzhen Security and Industrial Standards Alliance. In the past three years or more, the alliance has formulated or participated in the formulation of 52 various standards. Among them, 8 have become national standards, 1 has become an industry standard, and 3 have become local standards in Shenzhen. At the same time, 8 standards formulated by the alliance have all been issued. With the implementation of the new standards, the overall quality level and industry competitiveness of Shenzhen security products have been greatly enhanced, and on this basis, it has formed its own unique innovative ecology of production and research that is deeply integrated with the IT industry. Different types of security products have been developed, ranging from security access control systems and alarm systems to biometric technology, video monitoring, identification systems, and monitors; From home and building automation communication systems to smart home equipment and home safety systems; From the integration of social security systems to fire safety equipment and services. Shenzhen security companies with excellent technical backing in the wind and clouds of business battles, so far more than 50 companies listed and proposed to be listed. According to incomplete statistics, in 2014, Shenzhen's security industry completed an output value of 131.6 billion yuan, a growth rate of 12.9 %, and more than 60 enterprises with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan; Among the top 100 security companies in China, Shenzhen has 49 seats. At present, in the bidding for domestic security projects, Shenzhen enterprises are full of strength, with a winning rate of more than 70 %; The export of Shenzhen Ang also accounts for half of China's security product exports.
In order to align the country's "Belt and Road" strategy, Shenzhen Anxi will be helped to "go out" more smoothly. In 2013, the Standards Coalition reached an intention to cooperate with the Israeli standard-setting authorities. In October this year, they will organize a delegation of Shenzhen security enterprises to visit and visit Israel, with a view to making use of Israel's technological research and development advantages and Shenzhen's production market advantages to carry out international cooperation and achieve strong cooperation. In the interview, we were also informed that the next target of the Standards Alliance's "standard open road" is Turkey at the intersection of the Eurasian continent.
The outstanding achievements have enabled the Shenzhen Security Industry Standards Alliance to win the respect and trust of the majority of member companies and related departments. It has also enabled Zhang Yi, the secretary general of the alliance who is bent on standard work, to win the reputation of "dedicated to Saburo" among his colleagues in the industry..