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Jingdong enters the security market with a high-profile e-co
  The new security pattern has emerged, and a new era of security and e-commerce has arrived.
On August 13th, supported by the Shenzhen Safety Prevention Industry Association, Beijing Jingdong Century Trade Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Arnie Digital Technology Co., Ltd. jointly organized the 2015 Jingdong An Defense and Recruitment Chamber of Commerce, which was held at Shenzhen Airlines International Hotel. The leaders attending the meeting were Ouyangzhe, General Manager of Xiamen Xinda Co., Ltd., Zhangboce, Director of IT Digital POP Open Platform of Beijing Jingdong Century Trade Co., Ltd., Zhuang Chenpan, Chairman of Xiamen Xinda Property Association Technology Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen International Trade Hengrun Business Fair Co., Ltd.. Vice General Manager Chen Litingyi, President of Shenzhen Arnie Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and other leaders. With a total of more than 300 representatives from well-known manufacturers from Shenzhen and surrounding cities, they talked about the security of the e-commerce ecosystem and imagined the future. The atmosphere of the venue was warm and there was no shortage of seats.
At the meeting, Xiamen Xinda general manager Ouyangzhe made an opening speech. First of all, he thanked the guests for coming. He believes that in recent years, e-commerce has made rapid progress and has become a development direction that all industries need to face. Internet + security industry can bring new energy to the traditional security industry. How to rely on the third-party e-commerce platform in Jingdong, using the advantages of its existing customer base and platform influence, so that the upgrade of the security product model is the ultimate purpose of this recruitment Association.
The Shenzhen Security Association strongly supported the event. President Yangjincai stated in his speech that the Association wanted to plan the new future of the industry together with the e-commerce platform in the early years. He congratulated Jingdong and Arnie on their cooperation and hoped that they would cooperate sincerely. To make greater contribution to the development of security in China.
Subsequently, Jingdong IT Digital POP Director Zhangboce, IT Digital Smart Network POP Manager Yaoshuo, and Lijinping, the head of the crowdfunding project, respectively elaborated on Jingdong related projects. Their wonderful speech made the participants deeply understand the achievements of Jingdong since its involvement in the field of e-commerce, and the advantages of Jingdong Security's e-business, so that the participants reflected on how to strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises and establish an e-business development strategy to open up a new marketing model.
During the meeting, Chenpan, deputy general manager of Shenzhen International Trade Hengrun Business Assurance Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xiamen International Trade Holdings, introduced the business factoring business for small and medium-sized enterprises in the supply chain financial support of Internet + security demand.
The reporter learned from the introduction of Wang Min, deputy general manager of the security service division of Xiamen Xinda Property Association Technology Co., Ltd. that Xiamen Xinda and Arnie figures have made a deep analysis and deployment of the development of e-commerce and security. This paper puts forward a new security business model of "security product + service" to build a high quality security service ecological chain. The SITA Security Services Division launched the first domestic "e-security" professional security service platform for Internet + security services. The promotion of this platform can eventually enhance the user experience of online purchase of products by users of security products. At the same time, it can promote the sales of products on the line and the promotion of sales volume of Jingdong Security.
Wonderful evolution ushered in live bursts of applause, and participants in the live interaction. During the period, the three colleagues of Jingdong Mall answered questions with the audience on the advantages of the POP platform that the audience paid attention to and the proposed operation strategy of Jingdong's security products. Shizhiqiang, general manager of the security service division of Xiamen xinda association technology Co., Ltd., made numerous solutions on the topic of the "E an gang" security service platform that everyone paid most attention to. He mentioned that the platform provides a one-stop service and pays attention to service awareness, talent training and scientific management. At the same time, it will bring about a wider industrial application by giving play to Xiamen Xinda's extensive physical foundation and Arnie's digital security industry resource advantages.
At the end of the event, Jingdong, Xinda, Arnie, International Trade Hengrun's related leaders and security automation, science and technology daily, CPS Zhongan Network, China Public Safety Magazine, ITS Smart Traffic Magazine, Smart Security Network, Global Security Network, Security Market News, Tianan Network, Pacific Security Network, Huaqiang Security Network The media reporters in Hong Kong have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on issues such as security and e-commerce development and long-term plans for service platforms. In the meantime, Zhuang Shaoting, chairman of Xiamen Xinda Property Co., Ltd., and Litingyi, president of Shenzhen Arnie Digital Technology Co., Ltd., have all imagined and planned the strategic cooperation and development vision with Jingdong.
The meeting ended in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. Through this activity, it can be seen that the e-commerce of the security industry will be a gradual process, and this time, it is only the beginning.